Friendship and Befriending

We are here to help students and staff to connect and form supportive friendships. Our Chaplains are friendly and available for chat and they offer befriending services. We are also here to connect you with each other and help you make friends with other students.

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy staff and chaplain and community are here for all members of the University, whether student or staff, those of all faiths and none.  The Chaplaincy teams are here to help and listen to any concerns you may have.  They can support you in various ways. To know more about the Chaplain/Faith Advisors, you contact the Chaplaincy


Here in Multi-Faith Chaplaincy we hold a wide range of activities and projects for all members of the community, including off-campus trips and retreats; with all we do there is always lots of tea, coffee and food.

Communal Spaces

We have communal spaces where you can relax and socialise in Witham House, Next to sports centre. There are also Multi-Faith spaces and chaplaincy garden available on our campus. Friendship and building community are central to what we do, and all are welcome, regardless of whether you have a faith or not.