Extenuating circumstances

Extenuating circumstances

Information for when your studies have been affected by circumstances beyond your control.

Extenuating Circumstances

Students taking exams in May 2020 can use the Extenuating Circumstances policy if their performance in an examination is interrupted by difficulties related to fasting. A student can apply for Extenuating Circumstances using the normal process and we will require independent evidence with your claim. e.g. A statement from your religious leader confirming the impact of Ramadan on your examination. Consideration of Extenuating Circumstances submitted during this time and actions taken would be a matter for Extenuating Circumstances panel and College Board of Examiners in line with the University’s regulations.

If your Extenuating Circumstances request is successful, what you need to know

Q. When will I take my first sit exam?
A. You will take this during the resit period, w/c 3rd August 2020

Q.What if I fail my first sit exam in August?

A. Then you would take this at the next available opportunity, which is January 2021

Q. Can I progress onto my next level of study if I fail my August first sit? (E.g. level 1 to level 2)?

A. No, not for standard undergraduate or postgraduate programmes. (There are exceptions depending on your programme or level of study, please see the link to the regulations below).

Q. I am a final level student, can I still graduate in September if I take my exam in August and pass?

A. No, unfortunately any student taking an exam in August is not permitted to attend Graduation in September.

If your Extenuating Circumstances request is unsuccessful, you will not be entitled to take your examination as a first sit in August and the June/July Board of Examiners will agree your outcome which you will receive when your results are released, in July.

University Regulations – For further information please refer to the University of Lincoln regulations.

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How to Make An Extenuating Circumstances Claim

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