Holidays and Religious Observances

Many UK public holidays coincide with Christian religious festivals and holiday arrangements. As part of our commitment to promoting equality, the University aims to take into account a diverse range of religious festivals when planning events and activities.

The religious festivals calendar lists a selection of holidays and festivals which take place throughout the academic year. These dates have been selected based on their significance within the diverse range of religions represented within University of Lincoln.

The Calendar indicates if a particular festival involves fasting or a restriction of work, in order to highlight dates that are likely to have a particular impact on participation or attendance.

University departments are encouraged to consider the festivals calendar when planning major events.  There are a range of ways in which the festivals calendar can be used to inform the planning of inclusive events, including:

  • Scheduling events to avoiding particular times or days.
  • Ensuring participants are aware of University facilities such as Quiet Spaces for prayer and reflection.
  • Arranging alternative ways of participating in the event e.g. through making resources available online.
  • Referring students and staff to the UOL Multi-Faith Chaplaincy or Student Societies who may host events to make particular religious festivals.

This resource has been developed as part of the UOL Religious Literacy Programme by the Chaplaincy Co-ordinator and with approval from the Faith Advisory Board.