Event booking

Chaplains, Faith Advisors and Societies are permitted to book rooms for events within Witham House.

Witham House is the Chaplaincy Space provided by the university and all religious events, prayers, communions etc. should be held within Witham House.

Please complete this form at least 2 months in advance or the end of the previous academic year to ensure adequate advertising as it will be listed in the yearly events calendar. Below are the procedures one must follow to make your booking.

  1. Complete a Witham House room booking request form
  2. Please fill in a risk assessment form
  3. If food is being provided
  4. If you are inviting an external speaker, please advise the chaplaincy of the details of the speaker before confirming their booking. A copy of the external speaker policy will be forwarded to them on confirmation of their booking.
  5. MFC Chaplaincy Administrator will let you know availability within 3 working days of submitting your request
Event booking
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