Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Co-Ordinator

Subash Chellaiah, Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Co-Ordinator



Subash joined the University as University Chaplain in September 2012 and has led the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy team since 2013. He has engaged with the life of the University.

He coordinates the overall work of the Chaplaincy, supports students and staff of any faith or none, and advises the University on faith-related matters.

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy has won the service team of the year award in 2019.

Subash has a post graduate degree in Sociology as well as having three Bachelors degrees in history, theology and religion.

Subash has won the Rotary International Peace Award in 2019 recognising two decades of work in interfaith, international development and community engagement.

Subash is friendly, approachable and loves meeting people and spending time listening to their problems, providing constructive support through the experience that he has gained.