Jewish Faith Advisor

Prof. Brian Winston, Jewish Faith Advisor


Brian Winston is the Jewish Volunteer faith Advisor. He works at the University (as the Lincoln Professor), having been a dean and a pro-vice chancellor. He is available, via email bwinston@lincoln.ac.uk to discuss any matter of concern to do with your life here at the university – whether spiritually-grounded or not.

Brian is also a member of the Lincoln Jewish Community which is affiliated to Liberal Judaism. You are very welcome to attend. The community is small but vigorous and holds services at Jews Court, a medieval building on Steep Hill on the first and the third Shabbat of each month as well as on the High Holy Days. These are conducted by the community’s lay readers and sometimes by invited lay readers or Rabbis. Any who would like to be in touch with the community and participate in the services are welcome: just email Brian.

There is also the Lincoln Independent Jewish Minyan (LIM) which meets once a month in the small hall of St George’s Church, Swallowbeck, Lincoln on either Erev Shabbat or Shabbat morning as well as all major festivals. Again, Brian will be pleased to put you in touch.

Although in numbers the Jewish community is very small it has a very long history. There was a major Jewish Community in Lincoln in the Middle Ages until the expulsion of the Jews in 1290. The Cathedral contains many references in stone and glass to the Jews who witnessed its construction and early centuries. And they themselves have left behind the greatest number of medieval buildings with Jewish connections (Jew’s Court where the Liberal Jewish Community meets being one) in the country. This history reflects Jewish life in England, initially shrouded in the evils of antisemitism but now reflecting a model tolerance and understanding.

The community was re-founded as a Liberal kehilah in 1992 and the Independent Minyan was formed in 2012. If you are interest in attending any of these services or just being in touch for any reason, please email Brian – bwinston@lincoln.ac.uk.