Muslim chaplains

 Muslim Chaplains

Imam Farooq Mulla, Muslim Chaplain

After completing A-levels in Law, Sociology, Economics and Business he embarked on a 6-year intensive programme in Islamic and Arabic Studies in seminaries in the UK and abroad, including India. He has an MSc in Education Management and Leadership.

He has worked as an Imam in the USA, London, and Lincolnshire from 1992- 2000. He has worked as a Chaplain from 1995 to 2011 in various prisons in the UK, working with individuals to help them towards rehabilitation and restructuring their thoughts from a faith perspective.

Other roles Imam Farooq has taken include Secretary of Mosques and community affairs for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), executive member of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB), Senior religious consultant for the Islam and Citizenship project (2007-2010) commissioned by the DFE.   His work has included focussing on interpreting the religious text and Islamic tradition in addressing tendencies towards radicalisation.

He has travelled extensively, is multi-lingual (Urdu/Hindi, Gujrati, and Arabic) and has also worked 1-1 with young and adult Muslims at risk of being radicalised. He is further employed as a consultant for Strengthening Faith Institutes (SFI) which involves delivering safeguarding training workshops for Imams and Madrasah teachers.



Mrs Ghada Mohamed, Muslim Chaplain

Ghada is an active member of the Lincoln Muslim Community and various voluntary groups and organisations such as the “Muslim Sisters Forum” and the “Interfaith Forum”, among others. She loves helping and supporting people and the community in general. She helps organise and coordinate various activities within the community including fun days for children, Qur’an competition for children, fund raising for different charities such as Heart foundation, Children wards. Ghada is an Acupuncturist (BSc Acu). She was a founding member and the first Vice President of the Islamic Society of Lincoln. Ghada also holds various other degrees including BSc in Social Work, PGCE in Higher Education.

Mobile: 07772770680