Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) For Multi- Faith rooms use during Covid-19 following government recent announcement

Update: These are still the SOP for Witham House until the Government lifts all restrictions. They have been updated following the Government announcement on Monday June 14th 2021 to extend Covid restrictions for a further four weeks.

This SOP has been created to maintain students, staff, Volunteer Chaplains and visitor safety with regards to infection control while using the prayer room, quiet room and pastoral room at the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy in Witham House during COVID-19. From 14/09/2020 the Multi-Faith space at Witham House will be open for students and staff use but will have restrictions in place to ensure that it meets COVID-safe requirements.Working alongside Estates, procedures have been put in place to ensure there is a reduced risk of infection when using the Multi-Faith space. Guidelines regarding worship have been taken from the Government website and can be found here – COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship – GOV.UK (


The points listed below are to ensure everyone’s safety. As we are re-opening the Multi-Faith space during COVID-19 to provide a space for faith and belief expression of students and staff members, it is of vital importance student and staff keep to the regulations listed below.

  • Please wash your hands before and after using the Multi-Faith room.
  • Face masks are to be worn at ALL times inside Witham House unless you are eating or drinking. This includes wearing them during worship. Can only be removed during worship if you are leading it to enable understanding of those with hearing impairments.
  • Ensure the 2M OF SOCIAL DISTANCING at all times. Please adhere to the social distancing in the prayer room of WH0003. Signage has been put up to encourage 2m distancing. This also means that there are only limited spaces available for students and staff to use within the Multi-Faith space and that is a MAX OF 6 PEOPLE AT A TIME in line with current government guidance. If the room has reached its max capacity; please wait outside the building until someone leaves and you are then able to enter the Multi-Faith space. It is not acceptable to pray in the corridors in large groups during this. Please use the disposable prayer mats.
  • WH0001 (Group workshop/Pastoral Room) is only allowed 6 people in the room at a time.
  • WH0005 (Quite Space) is only allowed 2 people in the room at a time
  • Please do not use the items stored in the cupboards in order to reduce touching
  • We will not be able to provide any religious books or texts that are shareable at the moment; so please bring in your own books or texts that are important for your own faith or belief (such as Bibles, Thorah, Quran, etc).
  • WH0052 (Kitchen) is only available for staff and volunteer Chaplains – only 2 people are allowed in the kitchen at a time. Adhere to safety regulations by keeping the kitchen tidy and clean all times to prevent the transmission by touching contaminated surfaces.
  • Make sure to maintain 2M distance in the corridor. If you see more than 2 people in the corridor between the prayer room and the main entrance then wait outside the building until the corridor is clear.
  • Follow all signage in terms of one way systems and guidance.
  • If you need to perform certain rituals; please ensure your own safety and those of others and do not share any items (such as cups, oils or prayer mats, etc). These items need to be of personal use only and brought in and taken back home after use. IF THESE ITEMS ARE LEFT IN OR AROUND THE MULTI-FAITH SPACE THEY WILL BE REMOVED
  • Please adhere to the normal infection control guidelines as communicated in daily bulletins
  • A daily cleaning schedule is outlined on the wall in the Multi-Faith space
  • When it comes to worship chanting, singing and shouting are not allowed

Overview of Chaplaincy services during COVID-19

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Co-ordinator is partly working from home offering phone support, WhatsApp to students, and staff. He is also available on campus for socially distanced meeting for any emergency meeting and support. Volunteer Chaplains/Faith Advisors are available for pastoral meetings over phone, emails and a socially distanced meeting. Some Chaplains are available to meet on campus face to face and with a restricted group of 6 but please ensure that you email the appropriate Chaplain/Faith Advisers or email Chaplaincy Co-ordinator. 

We are additionally providing support for loss or bereavement amongst students, and staff members and would be happy to be contacted if student and staff members are affected by this and who might like to organise a memorial service.

To contact Chaplaincy, please email or phone: or 07500 910372