Islamic Society

The Lincoln University Islamic Society is the focal point for Muslim students and staff at Lincoln as well as for many Muslims living and working in and around Lincoln. It provides Muslims with a place to go and interact with Muslims and make friends. The Islamic society puts on events weekly, from games nights, to pizza nights  and Islamic talks. We work with the students to provide whatever events they may want. Weekly sports events also take place, for the males it’s football and for the female it’s whatever they decide at the start of the year (we’ve had volleyball and dodge ball over the years).

Friday (Jummah) prayers also takes place on campus so students can come there instead of going to the mosque which is about a 10 minutes walk from campus. As a society, we are aware of the challenging transition between college and university, especially the living away from home.  As a society we are always here to talk and discuss anything. The president is always available via phone or email, for a regular chat or if someone was to ever need anything, he’ll be more than happy to help.