Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel

Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel – free four-week class

Every Friday in November from 12 – 2pm

Starting on 4th November at Witham House, next to the Sports Centre

There’s more to you – and life – that meets the eye. Begin an exciting new adventure! This free four-week class will cover:


Week 1: Have you lived before? Why remember past lives? and Past Lives, present lessons

Week 2: A spiritual view of dreams; How dreams can help us; How to remember and interpret dreams

Week 3: What is soul travel? How soul travel leads us to God; Spiritual exercises for soul travel

Week 4: Discover your next spiritual step; Awakening to divine spirit; Ways to give and receive divine love


This class is presented by the Eckankar chaplain, Liz Mallett. For more information see or call Liz to find out more: 07743435704

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