Lincoln Faith Trial

What is the Faith Trail?
This is part of Lincoln Spring Faith Festival between 13th and 15th March 2023. The aim of the
trail is to explore the city, learning about its history, seeing changes over the years while visiting
changes of worship of different denominations and faiths in the city.

Who can do the Trail?
Anyone can participate in the trail as lone as you have a physical leaflet or a free downloaded here.

What is the prize?
One person will win a £50 gift card and two people will win a hamper each. Complete all clues and
fill in the answers and submit the completed form to the Multifaith Chaplaincy, the Engine Shed
on the 16th for the Festival Day, the Mosque or the Cathedral. They must be handed in by March
16th. All correct and complete entries will be put in a hat and a winner chosen