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Raja Yoga Meditation/ Positive Thinking

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Witham House

Positive Thinking as a course taps into the natural positivity of the mind to become a master of your thoughts and feelings, and finishes energy-draining self-talk.

It enables you to discover your own value, protects you from negative and stressful influences, and enables you to recognise the role of expectation in creating stress. It enables you to make right choices, to maintain inner balance and know the true you.

The courses, is offered here in Lincoln by Carole Glover who has been teaching for the Brahma Kumaris for 23 years.

Previously she taught in Nottingham and for 17 years in Skillington, where she also had a Peace Garden.  She has also given talks and courses throughout Europe as well as the UK.    Carole is a member of the Brahma Kumaris ‘Green team’ UK.  The ecology is a major factor

in Brahmin life stye, as is living in balance and harmony with all forms of life.