Quaker Chaplain

 Quaker Chaplain

Mr. Mark Lilley

Quaker Meeting for Worship

Quaker worship happens when two or more people feel the need to be still together, expecting to experience God’s presence.

There is no prearranged service or appointed minister, but in attentive waiting together in silence.

Silence is valued by Quakers because in removing pressure and hurry, it allows them for a while to be aware of the inner and deeper meaning of their individual and corporate lives.

The silence is different from that experienced in, traditional, solitary meditation, which is normally an activity which takes place deep inside oneself.  The listening and waiting in a Friends meeting is a shared experience in which worshippers seek to meet God

Friends may worship entirely without words, but usually there will be some brief spoken contributions, aiming to express aloud what is already present in the silence. Anyone may feel the call to speak, man, woman or child, Friend or first time visitor.

The hope is that by the close of the meeting, all will feel united and be aware that they have come close to God.  The worshippers carry the experience forward into the coming days and weeks.

A Meeting will last for about 30 minutes.