Anglican Chaplain

 Anglican Chaplain

The Revd Steve Holt, Anglican Chaplain

Steve was born in Lincoln and has spent much of his time in Lincolnshire.

For many years Steve was employed in the retail sector as a training and personnel manager.

Prior to ordination, Steve worked for a private training company, working with ex-offenders, those newly released from prison and the long-term unemployed.

Upon completing his studies and obtaining a degree in Theology from the College of the Resurrection in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, Steve was ordained deacon in July 2011 and ordained priest in the following year. Today he serves in the Parish of Boultham in the Diocese of Lincoln, a busy city centre parish.

His main focus in life is his ministry and he is supported by his family and friends. but he has many interests outside of the church including theatre and travel.

His interest in music covers a wide spectrum of genres. His travels have taken him to the Township of Soweto where he met with Desmond Tutu. He describes South Africa, where he went on a work placement, as one of the most inspiring experiences.

In reflecting on a very rewarding time since ordination, Steve says he is privileged to be a part of so many lives as he ministers to them on a daily basis and he is delighted to have been appointed Anglican Chaplain to Lincoln University and is very much looking forward to meeting students, staff and working alongside the Multi Faith Chaplaincy department. He acknowledges however there is one big challenge…finding his way around!