Milestone Achievement – Congratulation Al Seiko

We are always delighted to see our students passing exams, or graduating.  These are wonderful achievements and we enjoy being able to congratulate and share in your celebrations when years of study culminate in such important milestones.  

One of your Chaplains celebrated a special achievement recently too.  Alongside his fellow students from eight different countries, Seiko, the university’s Zen Buddhist Chaplain, was a student of the Formation Course for ‘Zen Peacemakers Order’ (ZPO).  For two years they examined in detail such  aspects as:  The ZPO Three Tenets, The ZPO Rule, The Five Buddha Energy Mandala, History, Lineage, Leadership, Building Community, The Gate of Sweet Nectar, and Avoiding Burnout.  Each formation student also developed and implemented their own individual plans for “Bearing Witness” projects.

On successful completion of the course, on 21 April 2023, Seiko, was installed as a full member of the Zen Peacemaker’s Order.

We congratulate Seiko on this achievement.