Community Iftar

The University is having an Iftar organised by the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy and Students Union. Thursday 21st April from 7.30pm to 9pm with be a community Iftar.

Arrival between 7.30pm and 8pm with a short talk at 8pm. The fast will end at 8.16pm and be broken with dates followed by the Maghrib prayer. Food will be eaten following the evening prayer.

What is Iftar:
Iftar is an Arabic word meaning to break and it is the meal eaten every evening during the month of Ramadan to break the fast. The first food eaten when breaking the fast is usually a date. This meal is consumed at Sunset. Once the sun has set there will be the call to prayer and the evening prayer (maghrib). The first food eaten is a date and following prayers a full meal is eaten. Iftar can be a meal at home with family or a huge gathering at the local Mosque.

The Significance of Iftar:
Iftar is a significant part of Ramadan as it happens daily and it is not just a meal, not just a family having dinner. It is the partaking of a combination of spiritual and physical food. Iftar is dinner combined with a spiritual experience – you experience hunger in the daytime and then discover the importance of food and water which give us energy, discovering that you cannot live without food and water. Part of this experience of taking food and water in the evening one is filled with gratitude for God because He created you and provided all of our basic needs. Iftar gives physical energy and it is a source of spiritual development.