Eid al Ghadir

Eid al Ghadir, a Shia Muslim festival, is considered to be one of the most significant of Shia celebrations. It takes place on 18 Dhu al-Hijjah at the time when Muhammad was said to have appointed Ali ibn Abi Taalib as his successor. On this day on 632 CE/10 AH Muhammad on his last pilgrimage to Mecca at Ghadir Khumm delivered a well known sermon during this he called up his cousin/son-in-law Ali and declared ‘to whomsoever I am Mawla’. Mawla can mean friend or master and to Shi’ites it means master. They see this sermon as the official designation of Ali as Muhammad’s successor. The date of this sermon is considered to be one of the fundamental events of Shia Islam and its anniversary is one of the most important annual celebrations.