Fairtrade Talks with Q&A

Reaching across the globe with pragmatic Fairtrade practices: by Viola R. Krishnamani
At a grassroots level, we need to understand the reach and strength of agriculture for the economy as well as recognising the need to focus on sustainability and fair practices. Sourcing products from tribal and farming communities, working the Rainforest Initiative, providing Fairtrade certification that is based on globally accepted principles of fairtrade and sustainability. Ensuring there is room for balanced growth and benefits for farmers and tribal communities as part of the pricing structure. A multi-cultural and multi-faith approach is needed when advocating for Fairtrade.

Viola is an academic turned entrepreneur working within education and founder of Scholarius EdSer. Viola works with NGOs in the agriculture sector especially tribal people involved in farming. She works to bridge the divide between farmers and trade to ensure they get a fair price. She wants to ensure the fairness of the process. She is extremely passionate about this and uses her education background to raise awareness in this area.

Fairtrade Alliance of Kerala – a Global Criss and a Local Solution: by Tomy Mathew Vadakkancheril
Tomy will be talking about the Fairtrade Alliance of Kerala with the focus on Fairtrade in India, global crisis and local solution and the challenges.

Tomy grew up in a farming family in the Wayanad District of Kerala. In the UK, Tomy has served as a trustee of the Fairtrade Foundation and was the founder chair of the International Nut Cooperative that owns Liberation Foods CIC, the only Fairtrade company in the UK where producer groups from across the three continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America retain majority controlling stakes.

He is the founder promoter of Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, a small farmer collective of 4,000 farmers in the Western Ghats of India, engaged in environmentally sensitive stewardship of the soil pivoted on bio diversity, food security and gender justice. Tomy heads Elements, a business endeavour anchored on organic and fairtrade principles.

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