Happy Navaratri

Navaratri starts today

Navaratri is a Hindu festival over nine nights and ten days. It is celebrated every year in autumn – post monsoon. In different parts of India it is celebrated differently. It is observed to honour the divine Durga. It is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashivn.

In the Eastern and North-eastern states of India the Durga Puja is synonymous with Navaratri. Goddess Durga battles and emerges victorious over the buffalo demon to help restore Dharma. In Northern and Western states Navaratri is synonymous with Rama Lila and Dussehra and celebrated the battle and victory f Rama over the demon king Ravana. In Southern states the victory of different goddesses, of Rama or Saraswati is celebrated. In all states the common theme is bathe and victory of good over evil.

Celebrations include stage decorations, recital of legends and chanting Hindu scripture. Over the nine days there is competitive design and staging of pandals and visiting to see them. There will be classical dances and on the ninth day – Vijayadashami or Dissehra – statues are immersed in water or one symbolizing evil will be burned.