Baha’i Devotional/Meditation/Tranquillity Zone Sessions 

Chaplains-5There will be fortnightly Baha’i devotional/meditation/tranquillity zone meetings at Witham House, next to sports centre, starting on Wednesday 12th October from 1-2pm.These will be run by Jill and Clive Tully, the newly appointed Volunteer Baha’i Faith Advisors.

The format will be simple and open to all. A space to relax and share where inspiring words, prayers and Sacred Writings will be offered before and after periods of silence. Also to reflect, ponder and to listen and comment on any insights gained. All are welcome.

Jill and Clive would be very happy for anyone attending to offer contributions such as bringing along and sharing a favourite poem, song, prayer, quotation or maybe a piece of music. In short a space to unwind and to find fresh inspiration during busy university life.

Further dates this term will be Wednesday 26th October, 9 and 23rd November and 7th December at 1-2pm in Witham House’