Meditation For All

Meditation is an ancient practice. It is used in many religious traditions and it has also becoming popular as a secular form of quiet contemplation. Meditation is a way of slowing down and learning to appreciate the life we have. It is not about becoming a superior being or gaining special powers! Rather it teaches us how to focus on what is here and now. By doing this we can learn to accept life with all its joys and problems and to live more fully, moment by moment.
Meditation is used by some as a way of relaxing and also as a way to develop better concentration. A deeper side to meditation, though, is that we get to know and to understand ourselves deeply. We learn to accept ourselves for who we are. We realise that we don’t have to be perfect! In this way we also learn to love and appreciate others. So, meditation can help us to improve our relationships.
Meditation also connects us with our environment. It helps us to feel part of society and of the natural world, so we are more at ease in our daily living. As we become more connected with our environment, we then care for it and take steps to live in a way that does not damage our local surroundings.
Life can be difficult. Suffering and death are inescapable facts of our life. Through meditation we can deepen our spiritual understanding, according to our own Faith tradition. Whether you believe in God or simply in the power of Life itself, each person has deep spiritual roots. . So, if you are searching for something more than jobs, money and relationships, you can discover the presence and the love of God in your life through meditation.
The Meditation we practise here on Campus is open to all and is suitable for people from all religious backgrounds as well as for anyone who has no religious affiliation. Everyone is welcome. Meditation will not solve your problems, but it will give you the tools to learn to face the realities of life with confidence.
Helen Townsend, Catholic Chaplain leading the meditation at Witham House and her first meditation for the term start on 23rd September at 1.15 pm. All are welcome and instruction will be given.

To know more about please contact Helen Townsend