University Food Bank

The University Food Bank project is a joint effort between the Chaplaincy and faith groups at the University of Lincoln. The aim of this project is not only to collect food for the food banks and shelters in Lincoln, but also raise awareness about these charities around campus. The University Food Bank project will have a total of eight donation collections throughout the academic year with the first collection starting on Thursday the 24th of September.
Each year students throw out unused food and instead of letting it go to waste we are collecting it.

“It’s a simple and easy way to perform an act of random kindness.” Sara Holm Hansen, University of Lincoln Christian Union president.

The University Food Bank project will help the greater Lincoln community by, providing food to those in need. Each item donated by staff and students will help feed the many struggling individuals and families across Lincoln. While the project will not be a permanent solution to feeding the many people in need, it will greatly benefit the food pantries and shelters that rely on donations to run their charities effectively