Humanist Advisor

Miss. Kate Harrison, Humanist Advisor


As a celebrant for the British Humanist Association I write and conduct non-religious namings, weddings and funerals. Until recently, I was a registered nurse. I worked in hospital for twenty odd years (acute care) before moving to community nursing (GP practice nursing, mental health and drug and alcohol addiction). I think my life and work experience has made me open minded and pragmatic. In the role of faith advisor, I hope to be able to provide a helpful and supportive, listening ear.






Mr. Doug Duckworth, Humanist AdvisorChaplains-7

Doug is a Humanist Celebrant accredited by the British Humanist Association to conduct non-religious funerals, weddings and baby namings.  He has spent much of the last fifteen years travelling in Europe and South East Asia and now splits his time between the UK, where he conducts ceremonies and Puglia in the South of Italy, where he pretends to be a peasant.

In earlier life he was a financial expert and management consultant working mainly in local government and the NHS.

He is a Faith Adviser partly to learn from others while giving something back and partly to help counteract the increasing feelings of irrelevance that afflict most of us as we grow older.



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