Christian Chaplains


The Revd David Osbourne, Anglican Chaplain


My name is David Osbourne and in addition to being the Volunteer Anglican Chaplain here  I am Rector of the Parish of Holy Cross Boultham in which the University is situated . I am also a Canon of Lincoln Cathedral so do please feel free to contact me on any matter. I was born in Grimsby and educated at King’s College, London  where I studied Theology and completed my training at Lincoln Theological College. I am married with 2 Teenage boys.

Miss Helen Townsend, Catholic Chaplainhelen

Helen Townsend is the Roman Catholic chaplain and you may see her walking or cycling around the Campus.  The Catholic chaplaincy is based at St Hugh’s Church on Monk’s Road. It offers pastoral care and social events for Catholic students and any other students or staff who would like to take part.

Fr John, the Catholic parish priest celebrates Mass on Campus every month in term time.  Both Fr John and Helen are available for students and staff who would like a chat and a cuppa.
D +44 (0) 1522 528961
M +44 (0) 7963 169935





 Mrs Nancy Ng, Chinese Christian Chaplain Chaplains-2

Simply Nancy aka Chai Lian, originally from Singapore, but settled down with my family in the UK for the last 23 years.  Working with the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission until 2011, in establishing Christian communities, as well as helping new migrants to find meaning and faith in their new environment.  Having travelled and lived in some major cities of Europe and Asia, our family is dedicated to serving the communities not only through church-related works but also serving the Chinese Overseas Students.  In 2011-2012, as a Masters degree student in Nottingham University, I was on the exchange program in Nottingham University Ningbo, China. It helped me realized the vast need in ministering to the Chinese students studying in the UK, by enabling and empowering them to enjoy their student lives here.




Fr. George, Orthodox Christian ChaplainChaplains-10

I gained an MA in theology at the University of Hull and was ordained first deacon and then priest in the Church of England.  For several years I served as a parish priest in Anglican parishes in Bradford, Lincolnshire and Derby. I also spent time as Senior Chaplain in the Derby Industrial Mission.  Eventually I resigned from the Church of England and was received into the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church.   I then studied Orthodox Christian Faith, History and Liturgy for two years with the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge and experienced Orthodox monastic and parish life in Greece, Serbia and Russia.  On completing my Orthodox studies I was ordained first Deacon and then Priest in the Antiochian Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church.

In 2005 I was appointed to serve as assistant priest in the Orthodox Christian parish of All Saints of Lincolnshire meeting in St Matthias Church on Burton Road in uphill Lincoln.  I am a married priest with grown up children who have lived many years in Germany, Italy and the Irish Republic.  Our congregation at St Matthias Church at the present time includes Orthodox Christians from 14 different ethnic backgrounds.

I look forward to meeting Orthodox staff and students of the University of Lincoln and sharing with them the treasures of Orthodoxy.



The Revd Dr Helen Hooley, Methodist/Free Church ChaplainChaplains-3

Helen was born in Bradford, and worked as a professional engineer for Marconi and ICI for over 20 years before being called to ministry in the Methodist church 4 years ago. Her interests include developing people, how science and religion complement each other, and conflict transformation including interfaith dialogue.





Pastor Vera Icheke, Pentecostal Chaplain