Holi, Festival of Colours Celebration

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About this event:

Created by Subash Chellaiah

Lincoln Christ's Hospital, Wragby Road, Lincoln


We’ll be celebrating Holi the popular festival of colours on Saturday 3rd March from noon at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School.

We’ll have some vegetarian celebratory food in the GYM (next to main sports hall).

Please feel free to bring an item to share. Water, cutlery and dishes will be provided.

Then we’ll go to the field at the back of the school and have fun playing with colours.

Don’t forget to wear cloths you don’t mind getting covered in coloured powders. Ensure colour powders you bring are washable.

The weather might be adverse but rain or snow, even if we manage to get out to play and add colour for a while it’ll be a blessing.




Sanjay Nimavet on behalf of Lincoln Balagokulam Team

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